11 Surprising Photos Of Bollywood Beauties Without Makeup

In regards to celeb pictures folks usually fall into 2 groups — ones that typically consider that celebs are perfect on a regular basis, and ones that consider it’s all make-up and in real-life celebs seem nothing like they do on screen. In fact, it’s a bit of both. We compiled an inventory of photos of well-known Bollywood celebs with and without make-up, so you function as judge and can take a look.

Priyanka Chopra
Here’s a side by side comparison of Priyanka Chopra with and without make-up. What would you believe? Does she seem completely different for you or would you have the ability to readily recognize her? So, for example her skintone seems a bit darker it’s significant to notice the lighting in both of these pictures is quite distinct.

Deepika Padukone
What about Deepika Padukone? Her face seems a manner more gleaming and tanned in the first image, that’s not false. But apart from that she only resembles the more casual version of herself, when compared with the second picture.