22 Eerie Places That Have Been Abandoned. #9 Gave Me Goosebumps

There is almost always one eerie certainty that all abandon locations have in common. After several years with no human contact, mother nature starts to take back the area once claimed by men and women.

Cars, amusement park rides, and even entire buildings quickly show their wear and tear when there is nobody to maintain them.

When exposed to the elements for a long period of time, these abandoned places have begun to exude an eerie feel that is perfectly captured in photographs.

Tree growing around an abandoned bicycle

Abandoned Places From Around The World 28 Tree growing around an abandoned bicycleHerbeat

This bike was gobbled up by a tree which then continued to grow with the bike. This is proof that mother nature has no problem erasing our history in any ways possible. It makes us wonder if there are any other hidden human objects buried deep inside of other trees.


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  • That was awsome and intresting. Someone needs to go there to find out if there is more human objects. This reminds me of the girl who disappierd for months…. and when 25 air plans disappierd in the sky with no trace or marks.

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