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The 13 Cutest Moments of Brangelina Over The Years


So you likely already discovered that Angelina Jolie allegedly filed for divorce and the well-known couple split. The truth is, Jolie requested the physical guardianship over their kids. This seems rather dreamlike to you personally if you’ve been a supporter of Brangelina. We get you. It feels like the ending of an age. How could this lovely, stunning, apparently perfect couple be breaking up? But people grow apart and alas, this is life, and proceed. So move on also and we must get used to it. Yet, before we do, let’s relive the 13 most touching moments of Brangelina over the years only one last time.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2004.
This is where it all began. We believe so. On the set of Mr. and Mrs Smith. As well as though they deny we see how that would be incorrect, what this picture is simply too perfect to be only an action, and their love affair began beginning.

2. L.A. premier of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2005.
Look at them both wearing leather and looking stunning. Angie is looked at by the manner Brad, and her face appears to simply radiate well-being – so adorable

3. With newborn daughter Shiloh, 2006.
A perfect couple with their perfect little newborn. Can it get more adorable then that?


11 Surprising Photos Of Bollywood Beauties Without Makeup


In regards to celeb pictures folks usually fall into 2 groups — ones that typically consider that celebs are perfect on a regular basis, and ones that consider it’s all make-up and in real-life celebs seem nothing like they do on screen. In fact, it’s a bit of both. We compiled an inventory of photos of well-known Bollywood celebs with and without make-up, so you function as judge and can take a look.

Priyanka Chopra
Here’s a side by side comparison of Priyanka Chopra with and without make-up. What would you believe? Does she seem completely different for you or would you have the ability to readily recognize her? So, for example her skintone seems a bit darker it’s significant to notice the lighting in both of these pictures is quite distinct.

Deepika Padukone
What about Deepika Padukone? Her face seems a manner more gleaming and tanned in the first image, that’s not false. But apart from that she only resembles the more casual version of herself, when compared with the second picture.

10 Photos That Look Fake But Are Totally Real


10 Pictures That Look Phony But Are Completely Actual

We’ve all run across a picture we determined only and been browsing the web from time to time couldn’t perhaps be real. We look at it and it is looked at by us and we believe we’ve deciphered the code regarding where the photoshopping is happening. They may be in fact 100% actual although the fact of the matter is there are some pictures that surely seem like they were falsified. These pictures will allow you to stand up and take notice when it actually attempts at only how strange our world can be. Take a look at these 10 pictures that seem bogus but are completely real and tell US what you believe.

These Chinese Fishermen

It’s really two guys out fishing the Chaohu lake in China, which can be rather alga filled while this resembles an incredibly realistic oil painting. The one guy’s oar, which has taken on a decided paintbrush sort of look, helps that this can be not genuine but it’s not.

This Optical Illusion

It’s really completely level while this resembles a grass globe. This design was made outside the Paris city hall and it’s going to require a little of staring because you see how it was done.

10 Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take


10 Pictures Which Will Make You Do A Double Take

Among the really strange things relating to this life is that you will find times when we run across items which look like other people or other things and we must do a double take. Occasionally the things appears that it was created to look just how it appears to the point at which you wonder how in the world nature managed to create this kind of matter. Other times, you must take an extended look to see it. You’ll wonder you never saw it, once you do see the second look of the items. Whatever the result, you’ll be doing more than the usual few double. Take a look at our list of 10 pictures which will make you tell US what you believe and do a double take.

Demonic Owls

This can be certainly one of those images where once you see the owls, you’ll be hard press to see the dog’s nose. Nature is a thing that is strange.

Happy Veggies

Yes, that’s an eggplant giving upwards a thumbnail’s. Fist and all.

22 Eerie Places That Have Been Abandoned. #9 Gave Me Goosebumps

Abandoned Places From Around The World 16 An abandoned jetty

There is almost always one eerie certainty that all abandon locations have in common. After several years with no human contact, mother nature starts to take back the area once claimed by men and women.

Cars, amusement park rides, and even entire buildings quickly show their wear and tear when there is nobody to maintain them.

When exposed to the elements for a long period of time, these abandoned places have begun to exude an eerie feel that is perfectly captured in photographs.

Tree growing around an abandoned bicycle

Abandoned Places From Around The World 28 Tree growing around an abandoned bicycleHerbeat

This bike was gobbled up by a tree which then continued to grow with the bike. This is proof that mother nature has no problem erasing our history in any ways possible. It makes us wonder if there are any other hidden human objects buried deep inside of other trees.