The 13 Cutest Moments of Brangelina Over The Years

So you likely already discovered that Angelina Jolie allegedly filed for divorce and the well-known couple split. The truth is, Jolie requested the physical guardianship over their kids. This seems rather dreamlike to you personally if you’ve been a supporter of Brangelina. We get you. It feels like the ending of an age. How could this lovely, stunning, apparently perfect couple be breaking up? But people grow apart and alas, this is life, and proceed. So move on also and we must get used to it. Yet, before we do, let’s relive the 13 most touching moments of Brangelina over the years only one last time.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2004.
This is where it all began. We believe so. On the set of Mr. and Mrs Smith. As well as though they deny we see how that would be incorrect, what this picture is simply too perfect to be only an action, and their love affair began beginning.

2. L.A. premier of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2005.
Look at them both wearing leather and looking stunning. Angie is looked at by the manner Brad, and her face appears to simply radiate well-being – so adorable

3. With newborn daughter Shiloh, 2006.
A perfect couple with their perfect little newborn. Can it get more adorable then that?